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Township of East Zorra-Tavistock

Licenses & Permits

Trees with orange leaves in the fall near fieldsBelow are a listing of the permits you can receive from the Township Office.

Burn (Open Air Fire) Permit

The Township requires all burns to be called into our office. This helps us to make sure that fires are being performed in a safe way, as well as making sure that firefighters are only sent out to real fires - this saves money and makes sure that when a real fire happens, people and vehicles are available. Failure to call in a burn could mean that you'll be faced with the cost of sending firefighters out to your property. For information regarding burn permits, please visit the Open Air Burning page. There are no fees for a burn permit.

Lottery Licenses

In order to conduct a lottery in the Province of Ontario, an organization must first obtain a lottery licence. To qualify for a lottery licence, a registered charitable, non-profit or religious organization may conduct a lottery scheme to raise funds if they have a demonstrated charitable or religious mandate to qualify. More information can be found from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. The application also has a fee listed in the User Fees page.

Special Occasion Permits

A Special Occasion Permit (SOP) authorized by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) is required any time liquor is offered for sale or served anywhere other than in a licensed establishment or a private place (for example, a corporate boardroom) or a residence. They may be obtained at a local LCBO. It is recommended that the servers have Smart Serve certification training.
We recommend that you view all the tip sheets available at the AGCO website.

Burial Permits

Funeral services, including cremation, cannot be performed until a burial permit is issued. Funeral directors are usually responsible for obtaining burial permits. Please read Ontario's page on this life event for more information. Permits can be requested from the Township Office with a small fee, listed in the User Fees page.
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