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Township of East Zorra-Tavistock
Box 100, 90 Loveys Street
Hickson ON  N0J 1L0
Phone: 519.462.2697
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Township of East Zorra-Tavistock

Does my Project Require a Building Permit?

House in renovation

Projects that Require a Building Permit

  • Adding a bedroom to the basement
  • Adding dormer to existing roof
  • Additions to a building
  • Attached garage, carport, shed or other roof structure of any size
  • Backflow prevention device
  • Basement or main floor walkouts
  • Creating a duplex (a.k.a. in-law suite, accessory apartment, granny flat)
  • Decks or porches greater than 23 5/8" above grade 
  • Demolition of a structure greater than 108 square feet in building area Backyard outdoor swimming pool
  • Detached garage, shed or accessory structure 108 square feet and greater (m easured to the outside face of exterior walls)
  • Finishing the basement of a house
  • Industrial, commercial, institutional and multi-residential construction or alterations or changes of use
  • Installing a new window or door - when increasing the width of the existing opening
  • New residential dwellings
  • Pending location, a retaining wall that is greater than 3'-3" in height
  • Plumbing fixtures added or relocated
  • Re-insulating walls, ceilings or floors
  • Removing a load bearing wall, column, lintel or beam
  • Renovation or converting an existing building (change of use)
  • Septic system installations and alterations
  • Site servicing (water or sewer lines) for all building types
  • Solar Panels that are mounted to a building
  • Swimming pool or hot tub with a depth of 37" or greater (including temporary or inflatable)
  • Tent or group of tents that is, more than 60m2 (646 ft2) in aggregate ground area, attached to a building, or constructed within 3m (9'-10") of any structure
  • Woodstove or wood burning fireplace

Projects that Do Not Require a Building Permit

  • Door and window replacements (within the existing opening, where no structural members are changed) 
  • Fence unless installed around swimming pool or hot tub with a depth of 37" or greater (including temporary or inflatable)
  • Gas fireplace
  • Installing new shingles on existing roof
  • Painting, wall papering, tiling, carpeting, cabinets, countertops, and similar finish work
  • Removing a non-load bearing wall in a single, semi-detached or townhouse dwelling
  • Replacing a plumbing fixture (i.e. toilet, bathtub or sink) with a new fixture in the same location
  • Structure less than 108 square feet measured from the outside face of walls (that does not contain plumbing)
  • Water softener

Unsure if Your Project Requires a Building Permit?

If you have questions regarding your construction project, contact our Chief Building Official.

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