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Township of East Zorra-Tavistock

Roads & Public Works

Roads & Public Works

The Public Works Department is responsible for all Township roads, including construction projects and ongoing maintenance work. This department covers an area of approximately 61,900 acres and approximately 200 kilometres in roads. The Public Works department strives to keep the Township’s roadways in good repair to ensure the safety of our residents and the travelling public.

The Public Works Department operates two patrol yards in the Township, one located at the Roads Shop in Hickson and the other in Tavistock beside the water tower.

For any inquiries or comments about any services provided by this department, please contact the Manager of Public Works.

For more questions and answers, view the Frequently Asked Questions page.


Emergencies Road maintenance emergencies may be reported to the Township Office during work hours or 519-537-2323 after hours.

Water & sewer emergencies may be reported to Oxford County at 519-539-9800 (during working hours) or 1-866-537-7778 (toll free) after hours.

Hydro & traffic signal emergencies may be reported to Erie Thames Power Corporation at 519-485-1820.

Hickson sign post

More policies and by-laws can be found in the Policies & By-Laws page, where the most frequently requested documents are stored. The complete list of By-Laws is found at the By-Law Register.


The following is a list of activities the Public Works Department is responsible for:
  • Roads
    • Grass Mowing of Ditches
    • Bridges and Culverts
    • Shoulder Grading
    • Line Stripping
    • Asphalt Maintenance
    • Snowplowing/Snow fencing
  • Sidewalks
    • Litter Pickup
    • Street lights
    • Sidewalk Repairs
    • Street Sweeping
  • Tree Maintenance
  • Signs
  • Drainage
  • Other
    • Storm Drain and Catch Basin Maintenance
    • Yard Waste / Leaf Depots
    • Christmas Tree Depots
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