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Township of East Zorra-Tavistock

By-Law & Animal Control

Dog barkingResponsibilities of the Protective Services department include the enforcement of on street and off street parking, animal control, noise control, clean yards, property standards and other regulatory by-laws. The most frequently requested by-laws can be found in the Policies & By-Laws page.You may also view all the by-laws in the By-Law Register.

To lodge a complaint or obtain information on any of these by-laws, or to inquire about any other regulatory by-law, please contact the Township office  and ask to speak to a by-law enforcement officer.

Officers will respond to clean yard/property standard calls with an on-site investigation after which the necessary procedures will be taken to ensure compliance.

To report a vicious dog or a dog bite incident, please contact Oxford County Public Health at 519-539-9800.

Enforcement By-law Compliance Officers are given the task to investigate complaints received from the public about alleged violations of various municipal bylaws.
Canine Control All dogs within the Township be identified with a tag, although tags do not have to be purchased through the Township Office. Owners of a kennel also require a license to operate.  Please note that the Township does not provide for picking up feline (cat) or other domestic pets running at large.
Animal Control Information regarding wildlife control.  Please note that the Township does not provide for wildlife control services on private property.
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