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Township of East Zorra-Tavistock

To provide additional usage during time periods when the Arena is open and in full operation however ice is not in use between other rentals.

1) Available only when there are open time slots between other rentals or ice maintenance activities and the Arena lights are already turned on.
2) Fee is $10 per person, per hr.
3) Minimum fee is $50. 5 people or more fee is the $10 per person.
4) $10 ice time cannot be booked more than 2 or 3 days in advance of the activity.
5) The person signing this agreement must be 18 years of age or older. The renter will be required to collect the money from the participants and remit it to the facility operator on duty that day.
6) $10 ice time can be cancelled by the Arena Manager on short notice with minimal explanation; you may not receive a full 50 min hr if ice maintenance or other activity is required.

Procedure or Process:
1) Contact the Arena office not more than 3 days prior to date wishing to book.
2) Provide name and contact information.
3) Parent or guardian must sign rental agreement for each $10 ice rental.
4) Collect and remit fee to Arena operator on duty day of the rental.

Persons using the Arena as $10 ice rentals are doing so at there own risk and are responsible for there own safety equipment. It is strongly recommended that necessary safety equipment related to the activity be worn at all times. It will also be the responsibility of the person booking the $10 ice rental to ensure that all their participants are aware of the risks involved with their activity and use all necessary safety equipment.

Note: All Public Skating Participants accept the risks associated with public skating and are expected to provide their own safety equipment.

Click here for the $10 Gap Ice Time Rental Form.

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