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Township of East Zorra-Tavistock

Outdoor Solid Fuel Combustible Appliances

Green stock wood furnaceRespecting the rights of our neighbours and ensuring health and safety is an important and essential aspect of community living. To help keep our community safe and an enjoyable place to live, the Township has several by-laws that regulate and prohibit certain activities. These by-laws address things such as clean yards, property standards, noise, nuisances, animal control and parking violations to name a few. Council recently approved a by-law to regulate the use and location of Outdoor Solid Fuel Combustion Appliances. These appliances are commonly referred to as Outdoor Wood Furnaces.

By-law #2009-18 prohibits the installation of these appliances in urban areas such as Villages, Rural Clusters, Subdivisions and Settlement Areas. It is believed there is considerable risk to the more densely populated areas of our Township as these appliances can produce substantial amounts of smoke which could be both a health hazard, as well as, a nuisance for neighbours. Also, since these appliances can be used for heating water, they are often used year round, unlike a woodstove, which tends to be in the winter only.

These appliances are permitted in rural and agricultural areas; however, only when they are located within the provisions of the by-law and the proper permits are obtained from the Township prior to installation. Application forms are available online. It is highly recommended that you review the provisions of the by-law and contact the Township before purchasing or installing one of these units. You can contact the Township’s Fire Chief or Chief Building Official to discuss how this by-law may affect you.
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