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Township of East Zorra-Tavistock

Council Meetings

PLEASE NOTE: Effective February 1, 2017, Council will be holding their Council meetings in the Council Chambers at the Oxford County Administration Building, located at 21 Reeve Street, Woodstock.

Council meets regularly on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month.  The 1st Wednesday is a daytime meeting (9:00 a.m. start), while the 3rd meeting is held in the evening (7:00 p.m. start).  During the summer months of July and August there will be no evening meetings held on the 3rd Wednesday.  Additionally, there is no meeting held in January on the 1st Wednesday.  If the regular meeting date falls on a holiday the meeting is generally moved to the next day (Thursday), but could also move to a date and time that better suits Council. Meetings are always open to the public (except for reasons explicitly permitted for through legislation).  Please feel free to contact the Township Office to confirm the date and time for a particular Council meeting you wish to attend.    

View the Calendar of Events to find out when the next council meeting is.

East Zorra-Tavistock Council Chambers

Council Meeting Participation

While Council meetings are open to the public, you are not allowed to address Council or participate in the Council discussion. If you wish to address Council, you need to be put on the agenda as a 'delegation'. To be put on the agenda, please contact the Township Office and ask to speak with the Clerk. You will need to specify in writing the nature of the business to be discussed, provide detailed background information and name the delegate(s) who will be addressing Council. If your submission is vague, you do not provide sufficient information or refuse to disclose the reason for your delegation, you will not be permitted to appear as a delegation. Requests to be a delegation at Council must be received before 3:30 p.m. on the Wednesday before the Council meeting at the very latest in order to provide enough time for staff to add you to the agenda.  Please note that depending on the existing length of the agenda, your delegation may need to be moved to a future meeting.

According to the Township's Procedural By-law #2018-01, "Persons addressing Council shall be limited to no more than ten (10) minutes except that when a delegation consists of more than five (5) persons it shall be limited to two (2) speakers, each limited to speaking for no more than ten (10) minutes."

When addressing Council, you are expected to speak to the information you provided for the agenda, and speak respectfully of others.  Failure to do so may lead to your delegation being terminated. 

It should also be noted that these procedures for delegations do not apply to Public Meetings, such as those required under the Planning Act, Drainage Act, or where Council has specifically called a meeting for public input.

Upcoming Meetings

There are no upcoming Council meetings.

Council Meeting Info

Be sure to review the Agenda of the meeting you plan to attend.

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