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Township of East Zorra-Tavistock

Council passed the 2008 Budget, Tax Rates and User Fees By-law at the May 7, 2008 meeting. The Township tax levy increase is 4.96% and the overall tax rate increase including the County and Education Rates will be 2.44% higher than 2007.

The Budget Highlights Flyer and detailed budget documents are available below. Information on the budget can also be obtained from the Hickson Office or contact jcarswell@twp.ezt.on.ca.

Budget Documents

The 2008 Budget Page will contain all budget documents considered by Council during deliberation of the 2008 Budget. Where approvals or direction are given on the budget, those decisions will also be noted. The Budget process is public and Council encourages residents to comment on the budget. The main forum for Public Comment is the Public Meeting that Council must hold for the Budget. In addition to the Public Meeting, residents can contact a Councillor, submit a written comment or email your comments to 2008budget@twp.ezt.on.ca.

Budget Timeline 

  • January 16 – Regular Council Meeting – Approve Budget Timeline, Consider several Budget Context Issues
  • January 29 – Budget Meeting - First Drafts/Preliminary Information, Review Gravel Road Improvement Strategy, Determine MIII Project
  • February 6 – Regular Council Meeting – Additional Budget Discussions - Pass By-law re: MIII Project
  • February 20 – Regular Council Meeting – Additional Budget Discussions
  • Early March – Police Budget (based on past years timing)
  • March 19 – Regular Council Meeting – Detailed Review of the Budget and direction on what to present at the Budget and User Fee Public Meeting in April
  • March 27 - Oxford Community Police Service Budget Presentation - 6:30 p.m. Woodstock City Hall
  • April 16 – Budget Public Meeting 7:30 p.m. Hickson Office - Approval in principle subject to comments from the Public Meeting (Changed from April 2) 

Budget Documents

Budget Archives

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