East Zorra-Tavistock

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Township of East Zorra-Tavistock

Budget & Finances

Budget The budget determines how the collected tax dollars will be used. Included in each Budget Page are all budget documents considered by Council during deliberation of the annual budget.
Financial Information Every year, financial information is released to show indicators of how the township is operating as an organization. Included are annual Financial Statements, Financial Information Return, and Municipal Performance Measurement Program documents.
Asset Management Plan (AMP) The attached AMP complies with the requirements as outlined within the provincial Building Together Guide for Municipal Asset Management Plans.  It will serve as a strategic, tactical, and financial document, ensuring the management of the Township’s infrastructure follows sound asset management practices and principles, while optimizing available resources and establishing desired levels of service.
User Fees You pay a "user fee" for some services, such as photocopying and permit fees, each time you choose to use them. User fees can help the Township keep the cost of property taxes down by making sure that services which only a few people choose to use are not paid for by everyone.
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