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Township of East Zorra-Tavistock

Are you eligible for a tax rebate? Take a look!


Assistance programs in the event of disasters and emergencies are available through the upper-tier County of Oxford. More information can be found  on our Social Services page or in the Social Assistance section of their website www.oxfordcounty.ca.

Vacancy Rebates - Commercial or Industrial Properties

Your entire property is assessed at full value - any vacancies are not recognized. In other words, you will be taxed at the full commercial or industrial tax rate. If a portion of your building is vacant, you must apply each year for a rebate of
  • 30% of a portion of your commercial taxes
  • 35% of a portion of your industrial taxes.
You have until February 28 of each year to make applications for a vacancy that occurred in the previous year. Forms are available in our Application Forms page, or at the Township Office.

Farm trailer

Eligible Charity Tax Rebate

Oxford County has established a program to provide tax rebates to eligible charities. Forty percent (40%) of the taxes can be rebated to eligible charities. Please see the County of Oxford By-Law 5263-2011 to check your charities' eligibility or for details regarding the application.

County of Oxford By-Law 5263-2011
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