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Township of East Zorra-Tavistock
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Hickson ON  N0J 1L0
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Township of East Zorra-Tavistock

Home, Fire & Safety

Fire Prevention is the first line of defence

It start with YOU!


You can prevent fires if you control and watch them carefully. To read about prevention, visit the Kitchen Fire Prevention and Candle Fire Safety pages.

Fire safety is also important. Smoke detectors can alarm you if smoke (an indicator of fire) is present. Fire extinguishers will put out fires, so be sure you have one in the necessary locations. Finally, in order to have an outdoor burn, you must call it in. Visit the Open Air Burning page for more information about bonfires and brush burns.

There are also other ways to make your home safe and keep your family prepared for emergencies. Carbon Monoxide is a poisonous gas that comes from incomplete combustion, usually from car exhaust, furnaces, and fireplaces. In the event of a fire, be sure you have an Emergency Escape Plan to sure that your family is safe before the fire trucks come to put out the fire. If severe weather hits your home, can your family and pets survive for 72 hours? Learn about warnings of severe weather, how to prepare a survival kit, and how to react in the event of a bad storm.

Many people are at work for a large portion of their time. Therefore, it is crucial that all workers know about workplace safety. The Workplace Safety page has more information about protecting yourself at work in case of a fire. If you are handling chemicals, be sure to have Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) training.

In order to protect and educate children, we have collected resources that we feel are important to parents. We have compiled a Babysitters Guide for parents to read if they are considering hiring a part-time guardian. We also have a page regarding educating your child about fire and the Safety Home, which is a travelling house that the fire department uses to teach students about fire safety. Finally, we have compiled a fun page which has interactive education activities.

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