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Township of East Zorra-Tavistock

Community Grant Program

Please Note: 2020 was the final budget year for the Community Grant Program

In order to successfully apply for a community grant from the Township, the organization must submit an application for grant funding before September 30th, for the following year.

Applications will be evaluated on the following criteria (in no particular order):

  • Organizations operating area and mandate
  • Organizations financial need
  • Benefit to the community
  • Proportion of community benefitting, affected, partaking, etc.
  • Segment of community benefitting - emphasis on youth, seniors, disadvantaged, vulnerable populations
  • Relief of Township responsibility i.e. an event, facility or program/service etc. that relieves the Township of "having" to provide it, or a scenario where "if the organization doesn't do it, the Township will have to"

The Township will review grant applications in conjunction with the budget deliberations for the upcoming year. The Township may request  additional information or clarification from the organization when evaluating the request.

*Please Note - grant applications, once submitted to the Township, are public information and will be dealt with in an open, public Council meeting.

Application forms will be available at the Municipal Office located at 90 Loveys St. Hickson ON N0J 1L0 or through the following link: Community Grant Application

The Township will notify all grant applicants on their application status by January 31st. Payment will be made following the event (if event related) or by June 30th following the application year (for general operating grants).

If you would like to review the formal community grant policy, it is located through the following link: Community Grant Policy




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