Boards & Committees

The Township operates several recreational facilities and services through Boards and Committees.  The Boards and Committees are appointed by Council and operate under the auspices of the Township. 

The Hickson Recreation Committee and Innerkip Recreation Committee assist the Township with looking after the Hickson and Innerkip Parks.  The Committees also responsible for providing local ball programs.

The Innerkip Community Centre Board of Management (ICCBOM) looks after the Innerkip Community Centre.  The Board works closely with the Facility Manager to establish policies and rental rates for the Centre.

The Tavistock & District Recreational Facilities Board (TDRFB) looks after the Tavistock Arena, Tavistock Memorial Hall and Tavistock Queen's Park.  The Board has a mandate to operate the Tavistock Arena at "break-even or better".  The Board works closely with the Facility Manager and Facility User Groups to establish policies and rates for the Arena, Hall and Park.
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