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Are you missing your tax bill?

Posted in the Announcements page 11 months ago on Friday, August 11, 2017.

The Final 2017 Tax bills have been mailed out to all property owners.  If you have not recieved your tax bill in the mail please call the office at 519-462-2697 between 8:30am-noon, or 1pm-4:30pm or email to obtain your installment amounts.

The 3rd installment is due August 31st 2017.

Pre-authorized Payment plans are also available for your convenience free of charge.  Choose between keeping payments quarterly or make 10 equal monthly payments (January to October).  For more information click here.

Note: partial payments are applied first towards the outstanding interest, then to the outstanding taxes.  Penalty and/or interest for late payment is added the first day of default, and the first day of each month thereafter.  To avoid penalty and/or interest charges, payment must be recieved at the office by the due date.