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Where is my Boundary Line?

Posted in the EaZyTalk Newsletter page on 01/25/2017 10:45:28 on Wednesday, January 25, 2017.

Where is my property boundary? A boundary is the line that marks the end of your property and beginning of the next one. Only a survey plan prepared by a licensed land surveyor can show exactly where the property line is.

Does the Township Keep Surveys on File? No, the Township does not keep surveys on file for properties. You can check with the Land Registry Office - 480 Peel St, Woodstock, ON - 519-537-6287 to see if they have a copy on file.

What do I do if my neighbor and I disagree on the Boundary Line? If you and your neighbor are disagreeing over the property line, start by showing a survey plan, or getting a surveyor to stake the property. If problems persist you can consult a lawyer on how to proceed. Please be aware that local municipalities do not get involved in boundary disputes, as they are considered civil matters. 

How far from my property boundaries am I required to build a structure? For questions regarding building on your property and setbacks, please call the office to speak with the building department 519-462-2697.

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