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Controlled Burns & Burn Bans

Posted in the EaZyTalk Newsletter page on 01/23/2017 16:03:09 on Monday, January 23, 2017.

This summer has been very dry and for safety reasons there was an open air burn permit ban across Oxford County. We thank all of those who call in for their controlled burns and for those who continued to keep updated on the status of the burn ban.

Whenever you are planning a controlled burn of a large pile or brush, or cleaning up some items around your property we ask that you call into the office to book your controlled burn. This way we ensure that dispatch is notified and the fire department is aware. If     anyone were to see the smoke from your fire and call 9-1-1 they would be aware of your controlled burn. Also when calling in your controlled burn it helps to keep everyone aware of when there are burn bans and to ensure that everything is safe.

Requirements for a burn:

·You may only burn wood or wood products

·Controlled burns cannot be held in villages or rural clusters

·The weather must be safe for a controlled burn (if it is too dry or windy, or there is a weather alert in place, permission for a burn might be denied)

·Fires will not be permitted while a fire ban is in place (fire bans are posted in ourNewsroom. Subscribe toKeep Me Informed alertsfor updates!)

·The burn cannot start after 4 PM, and must be completely extinguished by dusk

When you call in, please have the following information available:

·Telephone number where the person supervising the burn can be reached

·Address of the property where the burn will be held (including 911 number)

·Location on property (for example: "In the field", "beside the barn")

·When you pick a location, ensure that it's far away from any buildings or areas where the fire could spread. Be especially careful on windy days or during dry weather.

·Forms of extinguishing available (for example:Fire extinguisher; buckets of water)

·Material to be burned

* If you are considering burning a structure, please call well in advance to schedule an on-site inspection

Burning on the weekend, no problem! Call the office on the Friday before. 519-462-2697

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