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By-Law Compliance

Posted in the EaZyTalk Newsletter page on 01/23/2017 15:57:26 on Monday, January 23, 2017.

The Township seeks to ensure that its by-laws are adhered to, in order that a safe and healthy community might be maintained. In doing so, the Township’s philosophy is always to utilize education and facilitation first in order to efficiently obtain compliance and, only where necessary, exercise a staged enforcement approach.

The Township generally begins all of its by-law infraction investigations after receiving a complaint, reserving proactive compliance only for situations with immediate safety threats. Those wishing to make a complaint related to a perceived Township by-law infraction are encouraged to contact the Township and provide the necessary information to begin the process.Please note that in order for the Township to conduct a proper investigation, anonymous or indirect complaints cannot be acted upon.

In terms of a by-law infraction complaint from either a landlord or tenant regarding a property they are renting, the Township requires proof of the parties making an effort to resolve the     concerns prior to investigating the matter. The Township will not investigate complaints that are currently before the Landlord & Tenant Board.

As well, in reviewing the by-law infraction complaints it receives, the Township’s observation is that many of the complaints are ultimately rooted in an ongoing disagreement or dispute between neighbours. As such, where at all possible, residents are advised to attempt to resolve their concerns directly between themselves before contacting the Township. Otherwise, involving the Township and/or other agencies may unnecessarily escalate the situation, where a discussion  between the parties may have gone a long way toward resolving the matter at hand.

The By-law Compliance Department appreciates the continued efforts of all residents toward complying with the Township’s by-laws.

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