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Heavy Snowfall and Fire Safety

Posted in the Announcements page on 12/16/2016 12:41:38 on Friday, December 16, 2016.

With the recent heavy snowfall, many fire hydrants have disappeared. Because every second counts in a fire emergency, a buried fire hydrant could have severe consequences.  We are reminding residents to assist in clearing away any snow around hydrants on or near their property.

Another issue arising with heavy snowfall is that of blocked vents for furnaces, gas fireplaces, hot water heaters and other fuel burning appliances. This can cause a build-up of carbon monoxide gas inside the home which can be deadly. Once again, a reminder to ensure all carbon monoxide/smoke alarms are present and working in your home.  There have been 10 fatalities in Ontario this past week due to house fires. Please don't add to these statistics.