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Back to School Safety Reminder

Posted in the Announcements page on 09/05/2016 07:00:00 on Monday, September 05, 2016.
Today is the first day back to school, and the following are some reminders to ensure that it is a safe and fun time of year. 

• Take the time to show your youngster how to cross the street safely.
• Drop off children at schoolyards only during the times when they are supervised.
• Never leave children unsupervised in the schoolyard. Some predators wait for this opportunity.
• Can your son or daughter tell the difference between a good stranger and a bad stranger? If their              answer is yes, they are probably wrong.
• Get acquainted with your child’s bus driver.
• Don’t assume drivers can see you. Make sure they can.
• Do not pass the school bus when the lights are flashing.
• Riding the bus is a privilege – take every opportunity to reinforce bus safety rules with your child.
• School is in. Drive with caution. Guilt is a life sentence!
• Remind yourself that stopping for a school bus, crossing guard, young pedestrian and cyclist does not make you late. It keeps them safe.
• If you are ever approached by someone and you feel afraid, call 911.