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Don't flush your money away, $ave it!

Posted in the Announcements page on 01/14/2016 09:16:16 on Thursday, January 14, 2016.

Water Efficiency Rebate Program

Cash in on water conservation with Oxford County’s water efficiency rebate programs. This is your chance to earn a rebate of $50 or $100 while saving money on your household water consumption. It’s a win-win: for your wallet, and the environment.

Starting January 1, 2016, Oxford County water customers who purchase and install a new water efficient toilet and/or water efficient washing machine can apply to receive a rebate.

In order to apply for a rebate, the old inefficient toilet or washing machine being replaced needs to be disposed of at the Oxford County Waste Management Facility. Make sure you collect a disposal receipt at the Waste Management Facility, to be submitted as part of the application.

Applicants must be connected to a municipal water supply within Oxford County and have a water account in good standing. Read the full “Terms and Conditions” on the back of the applications forms before purchase.

For more information on the water efficiency rebate program please visit Oxford County's website