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Countdown is on for garbage and recycling changes

Posted in the Announcements page on 08/31/2015 15:31:26 on Monday, August 31, 2015.

Oxford County residents are about to notice big changes when it comes to the way their garbage and recycling is collected.

A new curbside collection program begins on September 14, that will change collection dates for most residents and make recycling more convenient.

New curbside collection calendars have been mailed this month to homes and businesses in Oxford County. 

The 2015 Oxford County Waste Management Calendar helps residents through the transition by showing new collection calendars alongside information about new recycling set-out rules, large article collection and more. Key changes include:

  • Pick-up dates are changing for almost all communities with County curbside collection. Find your new date by checking your calendar or using Wasteline online tools.

  • Recycling will now be collected weekly at the same time as garbage, in a vehicle with separate compartments for garbage and recycling. In South-West Oxford, garbage and recycling will be picked up on a six-business-day collection cycle.

  • Oxford County is moving to single stream recycling collection, meaning residents will no longer have to separate papers from containers. Under the new program, recycling will be sorted at the processing facility.

When the new program comes into effect on September 14, more items will be accepted for recycling, including:

  • Disposable coffee cups
  • Plastic bags (gathered and tied in one bag)
  • Empty aerosol containers
  • Spiral wound containers (frozen juice and chip containers)
  • Thermofoam and polystyrene styrofoam (meat trays, takeout containers)

For more information please visit or visit Oxford County's news release about the changes at the following link