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Garbage & Recycling is Changing September 14th 2015

Posted in the Announcements page on 07/13/2015 10:26:20 on Monday, July 13, 2015.


Starting September 14, 2015, Oxford County is changing its waste management program*, offering better service for a lower cost, with a smaller environmental footprint.

What it means:  

1.    Recycling pickup will be offered every week.

2.    New trucks will allow for single stream recycling – meaning you’ll no longer have to sort your          fibres (papers) from containers (plastics, cans, bottles, etc.) as of September 14th 2015

3.    The enhanced service will cost less, and will have less of an impact on the environment.
*Excludes City of Woodstock & South-West Oxford Township 

Wasteline tools help you keep track of your garbage and recycling collection schedule.


Get the information you want when you want it by using the “When's my pickup?” tool, signing up for automated reminders, or using the Wasteline mobile app.

Search by address to confirm your next waste collection day and see what materials are being collected.

You can also:

·         View, download and print your collection calendar

·         Sign up for weekly reminders (email, phone or Twitter)

·         Add a schedule to your personal calendar (iCal, Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook)

Wondering if milk cartons go with containers like cans and bottles, or with paper and fibres? Can tin foil be recycled? Find the answers for your recycling questions by using the What goes where? tool. Tell us what you need to recycle and we’ll tell you where it goes. Remember to check back after September 14 for changes to how some materials are handled.