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Big changes coming to 89 Loveys Street (formerly ST Loveys location)

Posted in the Announcements page on 07/09/2015 16:22:19 on Thursday, July 09, 2015.

Big changes are coming to 89 Loveys Street (formerly ST Loveys location).

The Township purchased 89 Loveys St in 2013 to obtain additional land for public works activities and storage.  Several rear buildings have been removed and recently Council approved a recommendation that the former store/bank and library building also be removed.  Unfortunately these buildings are structurally unsound and not suitable for any type of redevelopment opportunity.  Work should be starting next week to remove the former store and library.

While there are not currently any plans beyond public works use of the property, Council has endorsed taking a long-term look facility requirements for the Township and how this property could be utilized.  It is anticipated a committee, which would include stakeholders from the broader community will be formed in the future.  More information on a committee, mandate and membership options will be presented to Council for consideration at the August or September meeting.  Watch the Township website, Keep Me Informed and the Township's Social Media channels for more information.