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Increased Volume of Criminal Record Checks

Posted in the Announcements page on 06/16/2015 16:03:53 on Tuesday, June 16, 2015.

Given the increased volume of criminal record checks being received by the OPP the turnaround time has been extended.

If you require a volunteer check the turnaround time is estimated between 3-4 weeks.

For an employment check the turnaround time is estimated between 2-3 weeks.

Reminder that when requesting a criminal record check for a vulnerable screening or pardoned sexual offences check we do require a letter from the requesting organization on their letterhead with an original signature in non-black ink.

All criminal record checks must be submitted in person with two pieces of identification.

Acceptable Forms of Identification

Photo Identification

·         Driver's Licence

·         BYID (issued by the LCBO)

·         Military Employment Card

·         Canadian Citizenship Card

·         Indian Status Card

·         passport

·         Permanent Resident Card

·         PAL - Possession & Acquisition Licence

·         CNIB Card

·         Ontario Photo ID Card (Issued by MTO)

·         NEXUS Card

·         FAST Pass

Non-Photo Identification

·         Birth Certificate

·         Baptismal Certificate

·         Hunting Licence

·         Outdoors Card

·         Canadian Blood Donor Card

·         Immigration Papers

·         Student ID (Only as a secondary piece of ID)

For more information please visit the following link or call our office at 519-462-2697.