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COMMUNITY UPDATE 3 Tavistock Wastewater

Posted in the Announcements page 27 days ago on Monday, August 24, 2020.
Tavistock Wastewater
Treatment Plant Upgrades
Oxford County continues its work on upgrading Lagoon Cell 1 at the Tavistock Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP).
This work is needed to ensure the lagoon system continues to operate efficiently and protect the local ecosystem into the future.
What we’ve done since our last update:
In our last update, we explained that construction work was restarting on the lagoon system. Since that time:
• The liquid sewage in Lagoon Cell 1 has been pumped into Lagoon Cell 2. During this period, the submerged aerators in Cell 1 remained active to help mitigate odour from this process. We continue to monitor Lagoon Cell 2 as it takes on additional load.
• Calcium nitrate has been applied to the exposed lagoon slopes where the remaining biosolids are drying out. This helps manage odour from the drying process, during which smell can be the strongest.
• We continue to operate the vapour pipeline system along the lagoon property line. This technology blows a dry mist odour neutralizer through pipelines and into the air to bind with odourous materials.

Upcoming work

• The drying process for the biosolids from Lagoon Cell 1 continues in the coming weeks, and any remaining liquids that accumulate will be pumped into Cell 2.
If you notice odour beyond what is typical, please call 1-866-537-7778, ext. 3194.

• The existing aeration system in Lagoon Cell 1 will be disengaged and removed.
• Biosolids along the walls and bottom of Cell 1 will be excavated into windrows to facilitate drying.
• Once sufficiently dried, biosolids will be removed and transported for off-site disposal. Trucks will haul the biosolids materials along 13th Line to Maplewood Sideroad to County Road 59 (south).
• Construction work to stabilize and upgrade the lagoon cell slopes and replace the aeration system (Cell 1) will begin in September and extend into early fall. Any odours resulting from construction should have subsided by this stage.

Moving forward

Oxford County will continue to put health and safety first during this project. All operational practices during construction were reviewed by the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks before work began.
We thank the community for its understanding while the County completes the required upgrades at the Tavistock
WWTP. For more information about this project, please visit or contact:

Jesse Keith, P.Eng.
Project Engineer
1-866-537-7778 x 3194
Alex Brown, C. Tech
Construction Coordinator
1-866-537-7778 x 3138
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