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Township of East Zorra-Tavistock

EaZy Talk Newsletters

The EaZy Talk Newsletter is published 4 times a year by Township of East Zorra-Tavistock. It is mailed to each household and business in the Township. It is also made available at other public locations like the Township Office, libraries and online at www.ezt.ca in electronic format. Across Ontario, regular communication and public education is a mandatory requirement for the local Fire Department and Emergency Preparedness Programs.

At East Zorra-Tavistock, we believe that regular communication is key to effective and efficient delivery of all of our services and programs. The EaZy Talk Newsletter will have relevant stories and news items on Township Programs, Events and other important information.We hope you will find the information useful and relevant to your interaction with us. If you have any comments, please contact us or drop by the office.

Newsletter Archives

 TitleDescription Size
December 2020Volume 16, Issue 4Download798.24 KB
October 2020Volume 16, Issue 3Download769.12 KB
May 2020Volume 16, Issue 2 Download238.98 KB
February 2020Volume 16, Issue 1Download533.15 KB
December 2019Volume 15, Issue 4Download538.52 KB
October 2019Volume 15, Issue 3Download399.86 KB
November 2017Volume 13, Issue 4Download172.15 KB
May 2017Volume 13, Issue 2Download67.78 KB
February 2017Volume 13, Issue 1Download273.11 KB
November 2016Volume 12, Issue 4Download195.42 KB
August 2016Volume 12, Issue 3Download678.43 KB
May 2016Volume 12, Issue 2Download622.98 KB
February 2016 Volume 12, Issue 1Download568.04 KB
November 2015Volume 11. Issue 4.Download361.44 KB
August 2015Volume 11. Issue 3.Download218.58 KB
May 2015Volume 11. Issue 2.Download241.53 KB
February 2015Volume 11. Issue 1.Download156.56 KB
December 2014Volume 10. Issue 4.Download262.65 KB
August 2014 Volume 10. Issue 3.Download342.99 KB
May 2014Volume 10. Issue 2.Download215.41 KB
February 2014Volume 10. Issue 1.Download275.47 KB
November 2013Volume 09. Issue 4.Download345.73 KB
August 2013Volume 09. Issue 3Download267.94 KB
May 2013Volume 09. Issue 2.Download229.62 KB
February 2013Volume 09. Issue 1.Download307.20 KB
November 2012Volume 08. Issue 4Download291.65 KB
August 2012Volume 08. Issue 3.Download149.02 KB
May 2012Volume 08. Issue 2.Download546.53 KB
February 2012Volume 08. Issue 1.Download437.27 KB
November 2011Volume 07. Issue 4.Download181.74 KB
August 2011Volume 07. Issue 3.Download372.53 KB
May 2011Volume 07. Issue 2.Download451.64 KB
February 2011Volume 07. Issue 1.Download269.86 KB
December 2010Volume 06. Issue 4.Download586.57 KB
August 2010Volume 06. Issue 3.Download398.24 KB
May 2010Volume 06. Issue 2.Download374.38 KB
February 2010Volume 06. Issue 1.Download330.38 KB
November 2009Volume 05. Issue 4.Download342.92 KB
August 2009Volume 05. Issue 3.Download297.73 KB
May 2009Volume 05. Issue 2.Download533.90 KB
February 2009Volume 05. Issue 1.Download742.53 KB
November 2008Volume 04. Issue 4.Download719.02 KB
August 2008Volume 04. Issue 3.Download643.49 KB
May 2008Volume 04. Issue 2.Download394.08 KB
February 2008Volume 04. Issue 1.Download477.05 KB
November 2007Volume 03. Issue 4.Download246.90 KB
August 2007Volume 03. Issue 3.Download174.19 KB
May 2007Volume 03. Issue 2.Download335.44 KB
February 2007Volume 03. Issue 1.Download467.12 KB
December 2006Volume 02. Issue 4.Download771.40 KB
August 2006Volume 02. Issue 3.Download507.81 KB
April 2006Volume 02. Issue 2.Download240.22 KB
February 2006Volume 02. Issue 1.Download405.15 KB
November 2005Volume 01. Issue 3.Download483.90 KB
August 2005Volume 01. Issue 2.Download679.50 KB
April 2005Volume 01. Issue 1.Download760.68 KB

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