Understanding Your Bill

A complied tax flyer containing information to help you understand your bill is available to download and and print on our main Property Taxes & Assessment page.

Your property taxes are determined by three factors:
  1. The municipal tax rate on your property tax bill, controlled by Council
  2. The assessment or value of your property, determined by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC)
  3. The education rate, established by the Province of Ontario

Additional or Supplementary Taxes:

Additional or supplementary tax bills may be sent in the following cases:

  • If the property was not completely assessed at the time of preparation of the assessment rolls
  • If a new building has reached completion or is occupied
  • If a property has become taxable

You will receive a notice from MPAC indicating the new value, after which we will issue an additional tax bill.

Tax Class Descriptions

Tax Class
Farmlands (land and outbuildings)
T Managed Forest
P Pipelines
C Commercial
I Industrial
L Large Industrial
M Multi-Residential
R1 Farmland Awaiting Development
J Industrial - New Construction
X Commercial - New Construction
K Large Industrial - New Construction
School Support
Type of Property
 EP  English Public
Taxable Full
 FP  French Public
Excess Land
 ES  English Separate
Vacant Land
 FS  French Separate

Tax Class Description Example

For example, if you see R T E P, it means:

 Tax Class
 Type Taxable
 School Support
English Public
Magnifying glass on paper