Tax Rates

The property tax rates on this site are provided as a convenience to ratepayers and the Township does not guarantee the accuracy of this information. These tax rates do not include area rates, local improvement charges and other charges billed with taxes, which may apply. As well, properties in the commercial, industrial and multi-residential property classes may be subject to capping adjustments.

Tax Rates

Tax rates are determined in the yearly budget.

2017 Tax Rates

Assessment Class Township County Education Total
Commercial Taxable: Full No Support CT 0.00989545 0.00793891 0.01390000 0.03173436
Commercial Taxable: Excess Land No Support CU 0.00692681 0.00555724 0.00973000 0.02221406
Commercial Taxable: Vacant Land No Support CX 0.00692681 0.00555724 0.00973000 0.02221406
Commercial Taxable: New Construction XT 0.00989545 0.00793891 0.01140000 0.02923436
Commercial Taxable: NC Vacant Land XU 0.00692681 0.00555724 0.00798000 0.02046406
Commercial Taxable: NC Excess Land XX 0.00692681 0.00555724 0.00798000 0.02046406
Farmlands Taxable: Full English Public FT 0.00130080 0.00104361 0.00044750 0.00279191
Industrial Taxable: Full No Support IT 0.01368442 0.01097872 0.01390000 0.03856314
Industrial Taxable: Excess Land No Support IU 0.00889487 0.00713617 0.00903500 0.02506605
Industrial Taxable: Vacant Land No Support IX 0.00889487 0.00713617 0.00903500 0.02506605
Industrial Taxable: New Construction JT 0.01368442 0.01097872 0.01140000 0.03606314
Industrial Taxable: NC Vacant Land JU 0.00889487 0.00713617 0.00741000 0.02344105
Industrial Taxable: NC Excess Land JX 0.00889487 0.00713617 0.00741000 0.02344105
Large Industrial Taxable: Full LT 0.01368442 0.01097872 0.01390000 0.03856314
Multi-Residential Taxable: Full English Public MT 0.01165632 0.01045079 0.00179000 0.02389711
New Multi-Residential Property Class NT 0.00520320 0.00417442 0.00179000 0.01116762
Pipeline Taxable: Full No Support PT 0.00655239 0.00525685 0.01040000 0.02220924
Res/Farm Taxable: Full English Public RT 0.00520320 0.00417442 0.00179000 0.01116762
Residential: Farmland 1 R1 0.00234144 0.00187849 0.00080550 0.00502543
Managed Forest Taxable: Full English Public TT 0.00130080 0.00104361 0.00044750 0.00279191

Multi-residential, Commercial, or Industrial Property Taxes (Capped Properties)

Bill 140 -- "Continued Protection for Property Taxpayers Act, 2000" extends indefinitely the capping program initiated by Bill 79 in 2008. Under the provisions of this legislation, properties in the above classes will pay only 5% of the prior year's adjusted tax plus any budgetary increase. In 2005 & 2007, the Province introduced legislation offering municipalities options and tools to move properties in the capped classes closer to current value assessment (CVA) tax levels. This means that some properties would see reduced, or no, capping protection, and some would see a change in the clawback. (This amount is indicated in the line on your tax notice entitled "2016 Tax Cap Adjustment"). County Council has again opted to take advantage of any tools available that effectively excludes certain properties from the capping calculation once they reach or cross over their CVA tax, with the intent to accelerate the number of properties that are taxed at their full CVA. These options have to be re-evaluated each year, but it is Council's objective to take every opportunity available to move properties in the protected classes out of the capping regime. 2016 taxes on capped properties have been calculated by using:
  • 10% of the previous year's annualized capped tax and
  • 5% of the previous year's annualized CVA tax for eligible property, and
  • Imposing a threshold adjustment for capped properties would be billed at their full CVA tax level, and credit would be applied and affected properties would be billed at their full CVA tax level, and
  • Exclusion at CVA Tax -- excludes properties from the capping program if their final capped taxes for the previous year were equivalent to their CVA taxes, or
  • Cross-over exclusion - excludes properties that cross-over from being capped in one taxation year to being subject to clawback in the current year, or vice-versa

Detailed calculations from the consulting firm Municipal Tax Equity are available at the Township Office if you wish to view them.