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Safety house


  • The fire safety house is transportable to any location in Oxford County
  • The fire safety house is a mini-house on wheels consisting of a bedroom and a kitchen/living room.
  • Simulated smoke can be put into all areas of the fire safety house
  • The fire safety house is wheelchair accessible on 1st. floor
  • There are at least two safe escape routes out of each floor level
  • There is a heated door to simulate fire on the other side of the door
  • Smoke alarms are located in all four areas of the fire safety house
  • Red strobe lights simulate fire 
  • Hearing impaired devices are connected to smoke alarms
  • Exhaust fans assist in removing the simulated smoke
  • The fire safety house has lighting inside and outside
  • There is a television and VCR mounted on the outside of the the house
  • The is an awning on the outside of the fire safety house
  • The fire safety house is furnished similar to a house
  • There is storage cabinets and areas for storing handout materials

Volunteers demonstrate safety house for school childrenThe fire safety house is used throughout the entire County of Oxford for educating children in the importance of the following:

  • Making sure smoke alarms are working
  • Knowing two escape routes for their home
  • Crawling low in smoke
  • Feeling a door for heat before opening the door
  • Designating a meeting place outside their home
  • Calling 9-1-1
  • Actions to be taken when the smoke alarm sounds
  • Never going back inside once outside

For More Information Contact the Fire Department
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