Canine Control

Four white German ShepherdsThe Canine Control By-Law (#2008-35) requires that all dogs within the Township have an identification tag affixed to them.  Effective January 1, 2014, the Township does not sell dog tags.  Dog owners can purchase tags from a variety of locations, such as pet stores, vets or online.  The tags must include the dog owners name and phone number.  More information can be added if you wish. While Microchips are great, they are only readable by people with chip readers, not your neighbour or someone that finds your dog.

Dogs are prohibited from running at large. Dogs must be kept on the owner’s property or on a leash or under the owner’s direct control while off the property. If a dog is found running at large, it will be placed in the pound and the owner will be responsible for paying the fines and impound fees in order to have their animal returned. All owners are also responsible to ensure that their dog is not causing a disturbance with excessive barking. More information can be found in the Canine Control By-Law (#2008-35).

To more pet safety resources including food safety for pets, pet-proofing, and natural disaster prep for pet owners please visit the following link

Kennel Licenses

A kennel license is to be obtained from the municipality if more than three purebred dogs or working dogs are bred, maintained or cared for, for remuneration or otherwise. Read by-laws #2001-55 Animal Control and #2008-35 Canine Control for more information.


To apply for a kennel license, please call or visit the Township Office for more information. The cost of a kennel license is defined in the User Fees.