The Township of East Zorra-Tavistock is a local municipality in South Western Ontario. It is part of Oxford County and is situated above the City of Woodstock. Please visit the Where is EZT? page for directions and travel tips. For detailed zone maps, visit the Zoning page. Maps and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are provided by Oxford County.

In addition to the maps available on-line, hard copies of most maps can be obtained from the Township Office at no charge.

Interactive Mapping (GIS)

Interactive Mapping example using Oxford County's GISOxford County provides Interactive Mapping via their Geographical Information System (GIS). For more information on the features and uses of GIS, please visit Oxford County's page "What is GIS?".

Click here to go to Oxford County's Interactive Maps page.

For further information on GIS and Interactive Mapping, please visit Oxford County's "Mapping" page.

Downloadable Maps

Township of East Zorra-Tavistock
Map includes civic addresses
Hickson, Ontario
Street Map
Innerkip, Ontario
Street Map
Directions to Landfill Site
The landfill is located in Salford, Ontario.
Oxford County
Road map

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