Zoning Map Appendix ALand Use in the Township of East Zorra-Tavistock is controlled by the Comprehensive Zoning By-law #2003-18, as amended.  This by-law regulates the permitted uses of land and buildings, sets out physical characteristics for property development and provides regulation for items like parking, accessory uses, home occupations, storage, setbacks, etc. Read the Zoning By-laws page in the Citizens' Guide to land-use Planning prepared by the Province of Ontario for more information.

In addition to being reviewed for compliance with the Ontario Building Code, all development applications are also reviewed for compliance to the Zoning By-law (see below). Where compliance with the Zoning By-law is not possible, there may be options for a Minor Variance to the Zoning By-law or a Zone Change.  These are items that should be discussed with staff prior to commencing any development project. 

In order to avoid delays with your development project, you should contact the Chief Building Official before commencing with any development to determine what approvals will be required.

Zoning Change

A zoning change (also known as a Zoning By-law amendment or rezoning) may be required to use or develop a property in a way that is not allowed by the Zoning By-law. Council approval is required, but a change can only be considered if the new use is allowed by the Township's Official Plan.

Before you apply for rezoning, you should talk to the Chief Building Official for advice and information. You must complete an application form which requires information identified by the Minister and the township. There is also an application fee, which is found in found in the Notes at the bottom of the application.

Zoning By-Law

  1. Section 1 - Application
  2. Section 2 - Interpretation
  3. Section 3 - Zones
  4. Section 4 - Definitions
  5. Section 5 - General Provisions
  6. Section 6 - Limited Agricultural Zone (A1)
  7. Section 7 - General Agricultural Zone (A2)
  8. Section 8 - Agri-Business Zone (AB)
  9. Section 9 - Rural Residential Zone (RR)
  10. Section 10 - Residential Existing Lot Zone (RE)
  11. Section 11 - Estate Residential Zone (ER)
  12. Section 12 - Residential Type 1 Zone (R1)
  13. Section 13 - Residential Type 2 Zone (R2)
  14. Section 14 - Residential Type 3 Zone (R3)
  15. Section 15 - Village Zone (V)
  16. Section 16 - Central Commercial Zone (CC)
  17. Section 17 - Highway Commercial Zone (HC)
  18. Section 18 - Restricted Industrial Zone (MR)
  19. Section 19 - General Industrial Zone (MG)
  20. Section 20 - Aggregate Industrial Zone (ME)
  21. Section 21 - Development Zone (D)
  22. Section 22 - Institutional Zone (I)
  23. Section 23 - Recreational Zone (REC)
  24. Section 24 - Open Space Zone (OS)
  25. Section 25 - Approval
Current to By-law #2015-32 (August 26, 2015)

Amendments Not Yet Incorporated into Consolidated By-law #2003-18

Approved, but still subject to appeal.

Joanne Christensen (ZN2-16-06)

Approved.  Appeal period passed.

Rob & Sherry Ramseyer (ZN2-16-05)

David & JoyceVander Spek (ZN2-16-04)

Bruce Yausie (ZN2-15-08)

Roger Cowing (ZN2-16-07)

Laurence MacKay (ZN2-17-02)

Mark & Michelle Maue (ZN2-17-04)

Josephus Maissan (ZN2-17-05)

Northlea Farms Inc./ Vandendool (ZN2-17-07)

Kamarah Farms Ltd. (ZN2-17-08)

H. Loewith Inc. (ZN2-17-06)

Kenneth & Barbara Yeoman (ZN2-17-03)

More policies and by-laws can be found in the Policies & By-Laws page, where the most frequently requested documents are stored. The complete list of By-Laws is found at the By-Law Register.