Current Initiatives

Construction workers with plans inside unfinished homeThe Township of East Zorra-Tavistock is constantly improving its infrastructure and facilities. Our goal is to maintain a comfortable way-of-life for our residents and provide accessible roads for our travellers. Development in public infrastructure and facilities is the responsibility of the Public Works department.

Some of our completed initiatives include:
  • road improvement projects
  • business improvement areas
Below are a list of current projects that the township is currently responsible for.

Road Construction Projects

Beware of construction or closures when travelling the roads listed above. For your travelling convenience, Oxford County keeps an updated list of road closures. The Township of East Zorra-Tavistock also updates the Newsroom with information on road projects as well. To stay informed, subscribe to e-mail alerts on the Keep Me Informed page.

Recreational Parks and Facilities Projects

Below are a few of the recreational projects that we are working on.

Queen's Park - the Royal Reno

Named "The Royal Reno" by two of our community children, the Queen's Park Pavilion Rejuvenation project is underway! An incredible amount of work has gone into the project to date, all with the focus of making Queen's Park a place of health and wellness for everyone to enjoy for generations to come. A Steering Committee has been formed, building designs are in their final stages, and presentations have been well received by Council. Now, efforts are turning towards the community to help make this a reality! Find out more at the Queen's Park Royal Reno website.

Water & Wastewater Projects

Tavistock Flood Prevention Working Group

The Tavistock Flood Prevention Working Group details and all its documents are now found in the Flood Prevention page.